Lurmin The Lump - Spell Breakers Artwork - Page 2
These 3D models sculpted in Zbrush are used as reference to create ebook illustrations : Pages 1 , 2 ,3, 4
Maiko Prince Of Sharks protects
Spellwater Island. Is he good or evil?
Elvish Parsley at the Las
Vegan Salad Bar and Casino
Crestina Carver and Ripkord travel the galaxies searching for the perfect wave
Queen Appelina, Docent To Dragons.
Exiled Queen of Spellwater
Headley Mindbinder, evil son of Count Mindbinder, sells mind controlling hats from his push cart
Myeshia Akata hurls passengers
great distances in Bounce Balls
Lurmin, trapped in a Hover
Hoop,unable to breathe
Door to Woz's cave inside
the bloodbloom hedge wall
Sunny's Diner has a big ant problem but the food is to die for.